Top Chilean Guide Looking for Seasonal Work in North America


guideIf you are hoping to add a quality guide/staffer to your operation this summer…

Meet Rodrigo Oyarzo, who currently guides for Cinco Rios Lodge and Estancia del Zorro near Coyhaique, Chile, in the heart of Patagonia. He asked us to put out feelers for him, as he is interested in working in the fly-fishing industry, somewhere in North America, during our summer months/his winter. His work season ends in April, and won’t pick back up until October.

He can be contacted at [email protected].

Those of you familiar with the Coyhaique region understand the abundant fishing diversity (and challenges) there–from massive wind-swept lakes, to clear spring creeks. I spent over a week fishing with Rodrigo, and will happily purchase xanax in canada vouch for him. He is one of the best guides I have fished with.

He is…

An excellent, safe oarsman
An expert caster
An innovative fly tier
A responsible, reliable guide

Beyond that, his English is nearly perfect (whose is perfect?). He is handy with a set of tools. He makes great empanadas. And his singing voice is somewhere between Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell. Moreover, Rodrigo said he is willing to do the grunt work and prove his value around a lodge or camp to work his way into a program. Please consider contacting him and working out the logistics and details that would add some interesting international diversity and expertise to your program this season.

-Kirk Deeter


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