What Is Flylab?


Flylab is a comprehensive resource for fly anglers, providing in-depth and unbiased product reviews by some of the sport’s most credible experts. Our mission is to empower consumer decision making through rigorous analysis, trusted evaluations and transparent recommendations.

Unbiased support—our editorial perspective and content are intended to be completely transparent, no contracts to serve, no axes to grind, other than meeting the interests of the consumer. We’ll also avoid endemic advertising support and affiliate relationships with manufacturers, because it creates editorial bias and complicated motivations when recommending gear.

Membership revenue model—the Flylab membership plan provides access to exclusive content, our Annual Buyer’s Guide, partner discounts and a private online community for a small monthly fee. We are supported by paying members, not brands, retailers, publishers, affiliates or social media influencers.

Partner discounts—for anglers serious about building their fly-fishing knowledge, gearing up for the season and discovering new destinations and travel opportunities, Flylab membership was created to be an indispensable value and resource. Taking advantage of our 10%-20% off partner deals allows a Flylab membership to pay for itself almost immediately, and potentially, many times over, if you purchase enough gear, or are thinking about travel.

Expert opinion—we have over 70 years of combined industry, media and on-river experience and evaluate more products than anyone in the category. With Angling Trade, we’ve reviewed thousands of fly-fishing products over the past 18 years and regularly predicted the International Fly Tackle Dealer “Best of Show” winners. With Field & Stream, we’ve selected the “Best of the Best” fly products. With Trout Unlimited, we’ve reviewed and curated gear for the brand’s premium consumer campaigns.

Our testing protocols are built with unparalleled insights, and our reviews will deliver candid, straightforward and transparent value.



  1. Jacob Jordan on

    If you are not affiliated with any brands, manufacturers, or retailers, then how are you able to offer discounts on their products, which I assume will be the ones that get the good reviews?
    Will the discounted products be from the companies listed below in this email?
    I would be interested in the answers to the above questions before donating to this plan?
    Thank You?

    • Angling Trade on

      Hi Jacob,

      Thanks for the interest and good questions. This is all a work in progress but we will not be taking any endemic advertising money and for the most part not partnering directly with endemic manufacturers. Rather we’ll be partnering with a handful of fly shops on the e-com side and other fly shops that offer specific unique discounts. We like fly shops and want to help them! We’ll also be partnering with travel providers, apps, non-endemic manufacturers, breweries, lodging, you name it really! Hopefully that makes a bit more sense. This page might help make more sense of it. https://www.anglingtrade.com/2023/07/19/flylab-partnership-program/

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