The Flylab Partnership Program


The Flylab membership model relies on passionate anglers who are willing to support our brand and unbiased content on the front end, but also like-minded partners on the backend, who are excited to provide membership access to discounted retail, travel and outfitting opportunities.

No one can build a great brand alone. We’re excited to collaborate with some of the best fly shops, manufacturers, outfitters and conservation groups, who share our business ethos and stewardship mission.

 Flylab Membership that Pays for Itself

Our partnership program is a way for Flylab to pass additional and incremental value back to our users, with 10%-20% off partner deals, and we aren’t profiting from any backend transactions or pay-to-play advertising.

For anglers serious about building their fly-fishing knowledge, gearing up for the season and discovering new destinations and travel opportunities, Flylab membership was created to be an indispensable value and resource.

A Flylab membership can pay for itself almost immediately, and potentially, many times over, if users purchase enough gear, or are thinking about travel.

Partnership Opportunities

We’ve already spent the early spring and summer months talking to a number of supportive brands, and are quickly building an impressive ecosystem of partners who share our passion for transparent product information and more cost-efficient ways to find gear and travel opportunities. Below are some of the partner categories we’ve been exploring. If you feel like your business might be a good fit, fill out the form below.

Discount retail program—we are looking to develop retail discount partnerships with our high-value members and a curated ecosystem of trusted fly shops, manufacturers and DTC brands. If you’re a fly shop competing with every other fly shop, think about your unique value proposition for our members, i.e. everyone is selling the same rod and reel lines, but what are you doing that no one else is? Maybe it’s your custom fly selection, or the guiding program…

Discount travel program—we are looking to develop travel discount partnerships with our high-value members and a curated ecosystem of trusted lodges, outfitters and travel partners. Traveling is a giant part of the sport, obviously, and we’re looking for uniquely-trusted, experiential partners across multiple price points. Maybe you’re a cool start-up looking for new foot traffic, or a legacy provider looking to fill late season occupancy. Whatever it is, we’d love to connect.

One-off business opportunities—we’re always looking for unique, under-the-radar partnerships that we probably haven’t considered, i.e. breweries, boat rentals, restaurants, cool glamping spots near the river etc. If you’ve got a great idea, reach out, and we’re happy to discuss.


To find out more about our partner program, please submit this form.


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