Fly Tying Symposium Attracts Full House


Famed fly tiers Bob Clouser (center) and Orvis’ Tom Rosenbauer (right) watch recently-named Fly Tier of the Year Tim Flagler demonstrate a new fly tying technique.

From the International Fly Tying Symposium:

If the recent International Fly Tying Symposium is a harbinger of things to come for the 2023 show season, it looks like boom times ahead.

It was standing room only at the 31st annual Tying Symposium as about 100 professional and highly qualified amateurs turned fur, feathers and man-made materials into artificial fishing flies designed to fool everything from farm pond bluegills to ocean marlin.

“With the pandemic looking like it’s on its final curtain call, fly fishers and fans of the fly tying art were aching to get out of the house and swarmed the host hotel to watch the skills of fly tiers from around the world show off their passion for the art,” said show producer Chuck Furimsky.

Tiers at the Somerset, New Jersey seminar included Harry Schoel, Belgium; Chris Reeves, England; Morten Valeur, Denmark; and Piero Sistino and Eros Tommasi, from Italy joining Americans Tom Rosenbauer, Tim Cammisa, Tim Flagler, Tom Baltz, Allen Rupp, Steve Culton, Bob Clouser, Bob Clouser, Jr.; Bob Mead, and John Shaner, during the two day event.

Attendees bought fly tying materials, hooks, books, videos, tying vises and other tools from pliers to bobbins at the two day symposium, said Furimsky.

Dates and location for 2023’s 32nd International Fly Tying Symposium will be announced when confirmed.


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