Must Have New Product for On the Water!


Other than your tackle, the two most important pieces of equipment when you are on the water are your hat and sunglasses. And how many times have you accidentally dumped your glasses or lost your hat?

Co-Founders Dean Ferrara (Patent Owner) and Ken Shwartz (Former Founder and owner of Ahead Headwear) have combined their years of experience to create an offering both online and for retail that only costs as much as a nice hat but offers the value of an expensive pair of glasses.

Behind Headwear, the company Behind the technology and the Hat Behind the glasses have solved both the issue of losing or damaging your glasses and your hat by incorporating hidden retractable eyeglass holders into our Patented Hat and Visor designs.

Knowing how important comfort and the right fit are, our designs include industry leading “Elasti-Snaps” for what we call the “Always Perfect Fit.” And if you aren’t wearing your glasses, the attachments easily stow away in a concealed pocket.

To see what Larry Dahlberg (The Hunt for Big Fish – River 2 Sea – IGFA Hall of Fame Fisherman) calls “The last hat he will ever wear.” Visit us at to learn more and to see our complete line up of products.


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