New Products from Ranger Outdoors and Sibling Brands for 2022


Established in 2017, Ranger Outdoors, LLC was created to bring together a team of both new and established quality, core products at reasonable prices. Ranger is comprised of Angler Sport Group (ASG), Daiichi® Hooks, Chota® Outdoor Gear, Miss Mayfly, Drift Dog & Vertical Lures.

While some of their brands may be fresh faces to the industry, their objectives remain the same: To provide quality products at reasonable prices. To ship on time. To create solutions that will lessen the consumer impact of the current global supply chain environment. To never stop innovating. To always remind each of our customers of their importance and value. And to always go the extra mile.

Get more info on a few select sample products by clicking on the links below.

Chota® Rough Ridge Boot

Designed for the harshest conditions, yet made for comfort, the Rough Ridge boot is tough and durable. The upper features a lightweight rubber coated PU coupled with a firm rubber toe and heel rand to make it an extremely resilient boot that can take a beating. The synthetic inner lining and 3mm insole is water resistant keeping the boot dry and lightweight, while its EVA midsole offers all day comfort and endurance for those long days on the water. The Rough Ridge also features high traction rubber or cleatable felt soles that will accept all styles of our Chota cleats.

Wasatch Shepherd’s Hook Turbo Whirler

Handcrafted from gorgeous natural birch, the Shepherd’s Hook Turbo Whirler tool promotes creativity through its sleek, clean design. Easy to use and durable, the Shepherd’s Hook Turbo is built for intricate and customized flies. The Shepherd’s Hook Turbo is a rotating dubbing tool ideal for making hair, hackle, or synthetic dubbing brushes. Using the loop method, this tool is great for forming shaggy dubbed bodies. Equipped with a turbo whirler, the Shepherd’s Hook allows users to spin the hook quickly and easily. An additional pure brass weighted piece helps control the spin for smooth and fast creation. The Shepherd’s Hook Turbo is essential for beginner and pro fly-tying kits.

Contact Angler Sport Group directly for more information. Wasatch products will be live on the website April 2022.

Miss Mayfly Moxie Chameleon Wading Pant

The Miss Mayfly Moxie Chameleon Wading Pant offers a breathable, stocking foot design with new Chameleon Color Technology fabric that provides tonal adaptation to the environment.  Miss Mayfly’s pant provides an exceptional and flattering fit of all shapes and sizes with a high-waisted front, water-resistant zippered pocket, attached rear belt, and plush neoprene booties. The polyflex fabric and double layering with air venting in the lower legs optimizes performance by providing comfort and ease of movement, while resisting tears and abrasions. The pant is suitable for year-round weather conditions with appropriate under layers.

Daiichi Select Series Hooks

Made from forged high carbon steel, these barbless hooks are embedded with nano coding technology. Available in four distinct colors, the Select Series offers more freedom and flexibility when fly tying. Design your fly the way you want. Our Select Series is durable, yet discrete, allowing you to emphasize parts of the fly that are most important to you. Highlighted or concealed, our Select Series hooks are remarkably resilient and seamlessly integrated in your fly.




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