Wasatch Shepherd’s Hook Turbo Whirler

Brand: Angler Sport Group

Price: $54.95

Handcrafted from gorgeous natural birch, the Shepherd’s Hook Turbo Whirler tool promotes creativity through its sleek, clean design. Easy to use and durable, the Shepherd’s Hook Turbo is built for intricate and customized flies. The Shepherd’s Hook Turbo is a rotating dubbing tool ideal for making hair, hackle, or synthetic dubbing brushes. Using the loop method, this tool is great for forming shaggy dubbed bodies. Equipped with a turbo whirler, the Shepherd’s Hook allows users to spin the hook quickly and easily. An additional pure brass weighted piece helps control the spin for smooth and fast creation. The Shepherd’s Hook Turbo is essential for beginner and pro fly-tying kits.

Contact Angler Sport Group directly for more information. Wasatch products will be live on the website April 2022.