Snowbee, may be new to the US fly fishing scene, but was founded in 1978 and headquartered in the United Kingdom


Snowbee, may be new to the US fly fishing scene, but wasfounded in 1978 and headquartered in the United Kingdom. Throughout our 40+ year history, we’ve been inspired by our deep roots in British fly fishing traditions, while incorporating today’s innovative technology to create fly fishing gear suited for anglers of all skill levels.

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Signature Series Fly Rods

The Snowbee Signature Series collection was established to bring fly fishing legends to the forefront, highlighting their expertise in angling, and creating rods and gear to their specifications, worthy to have their signature of approval.

Snowbee Signature Series – “Davy Wotton” Wet Fly & Nymph Fly Rod | 10’0 4wt

Snowbee Signature Series – “Denny Rickards” Stillwater Fly Rod | 9’0” 6wt

Prestige G-XS SW Fly Rods

Effortless casting potential and accuracy paired with incredible durability resulting from a construction process that incorporates cutting edge Nano Carbon Technology and a space-grade resin extrusion process. Perfect for taming Bonefish, Bass, Permit, Tarpon, and other saltwater predators around the globe.

Available in: 9’0” 7wt, 9’0”8wt, and 9’0” 10wt

Classic Float Tube Kit

Utilizing a “V-Boat” twin-tube design for greater stability, and a lifted bow that provides minimal resistance, controlling the Classic Float Tube is a breeze. Casting is unobscured thanks to the lifted inflatable seat rest. Storage will never be an issue with the various storage compartments.

Features Include:

  • Double-line welded bladders w/ 600D nylon panels
  • Mesh bow wet-storage area & mesh line tray w/ built-in measuring scale
  • 3-large zipper storage compartments
  • 1-way air valves
  • D-Rings & Velcro® rod tube holders on each side
  • Kit includes: Classic Float Tube, one-size-fits-all flippers, dual-action pump, sturdy carrying bag

XS “Spectre” Camo Tippet

Designed with finesse and stealth in mind, our Camo Tippet has been treated to add natural green and brown tones to blend seamlessly with its environment. Knot and break strength exceed all expectations and the snap-on spools have been updated for 2022 with a slimmer profile.



Flip-Tip Neoprene Gloves

A sturdy pair of gloves made in a soft 2.5mm neoprene to keep you warm on the coldest days. The thumb, index and middle finger tips feature Velcro® tabs with fold-over tips that assist in exposing these fingers to allow for easy knot tying without the need for removing the gloves.



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