MFC Tungsten Split Shot brings the heavy without going big


Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 7.26.24 PMFrom Montana Fly Company:

Anglers looking to sink, drift and swim flies effectively have a new alternative to tin and lead weights. It’s no secret that tungsten (a natural, ultra-tough, rare metal) is extremely dense and hard, offering more weight in a smaller volume. But creating tungsten weights for fly fishing presented a big challenge in that its hardness resulted in shots that were too brittle when formed into the traditional round, shot shape. Now, with its new Tungsten Split Shot, MFC has developed a solution to this problem by looking to the ocean.

“We’re using a clam shell shape,” says product manager Shawn Brillon. “By forming tungsten into a clam shell shape with a hinge, we’re providing anglers with a quick, easy and secure connection to the leader or tippet. You’ll definitely want to use your pliers or forceps, though, and not your teeth. These babies are as hard as they get.”

“We developed these with a desire to protect the resource in mind,” says MFC sales director Jake Chutz. “Our Tungsten Split Shot are reusable, tiny and all-natural.”

Tungsten is a chemical element that has greater density than lead and is 1.7 times denser, providing an improved sink rate. Tungsten is 2.7 times denser than tin.


$7.00 per 15-20 count bag (shot per bag depends on shot size)

$28.00 for the 70 piece Assortment


AB = .6G; BB = .4G; #1 = .3G; #4 = .2G


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