Two Colorado Outdoor Companies Come Together For One Purpose


fishstickFrom RepYourWater and Meier Skis:

Colorado-based RepYourWater and Meier Skis combine their love for fishing and skiing by releasing a limited edition RepYourWater ski, most appropriately named Fish Sticks. With two designs to select from, either the brown trout or rainbow trout ski, they will make for the perfect run downhill. Designed on Meier’s own The Doc, named after Doc Holliday, this all terrain, all mountain ski is a handcrafted downhill ski with camRise camber technology and a wood-core laminate.

“We are excited to launch the Fish Sticks with Meier Skis. Not only is this a collaboration between sports, but of the great products and designs of two Colorado companies. The more we talked about the project as a group, the more we realized that whether someone fishes in their skiing off-season or skis in their fishing off-season (as if there is such a thing), that Fish Sticks were an awesome way to show love for both sports,” commented RepYourWater Co-Founders Garrison and Corinne Doctor.

Since 2009, Meier Skis has been designing and innovating high performance skis that are considered some of the most eco-friendly skis on the market. Handcrafted in Colorado out of beetle kill pine trees and aspen trees, Meier strives to be the best in the boutique ski industry.

“The ski we designed with RepYourWater is a reflection of the innovation and creativity between our brands. Being in the outdoor, active lifestyle industry here in Colorado, it just makes sense to collaborate with other cool local brands. The natural beauty and performance of Meier Skis combined with the art of fly fishing, makes for a one-of-a-kind product we are excited to bring to market,” added Ted Eynon, Owner of Meier Skis.

Fish Sticks retail for $795 and are available on the Meier Skis website at

More About RepYourWater

RepYourWater is dedicated to providing uniquely designed, top quality gear for anglers and hunters while increasing support of local conservation and inspiring exploration. To learn more about RepYourWater and for their complete product line visit online at

More About Meier Skis

Founded in 2009, Meier Skis are handcrafted in Colorado. Meier skis are the only 100% produced ski product made from tree to ski in Colorado. Made from a variety of Colorado forest products, we combine performance, a diverse product line and purposeful sustainable practices to make a high performance handmade ski. For more on Meier visit


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