Angling Trade Survey: How often do you fish out of a boat?


A person holding fishing rods stands on a dock next to a small boat with mist rising from a lake and forested hills in the background.

How often do you fish out of a boat?

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  1. I have lots of boats, about 10 of which I use 6 frequently and fish out of them about 70% of the time, the rest of the time I’m usually wade Guiding.

  2. I live and work on Oregon’s Deschutes River. When guiding, we use our boats every day but we do no tfish from the boat because it is illegal to do so. This survey didn’t really cover that angle. When we guide steelhead, even if you CAN fish from the boat (this is the case on other rivers that we have guided in the past) you do not fish from the boat because swinging for steelhead requires wading, stepping, and casting.
    So – there isn’t an answer in the survey that represents someone who works on the Deschutes.

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