New Video Explains Benefits of BIL and IRA Investments to Colorado’s Hunters and Anglers


From TRCP:

With the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Inflation Reduction Act presenting a once-in-a-generation opportunity for the restoration and renewal of our nation’s public lands, the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership is sharing a short video, second in a three-part series, highlighting the benefits of these critical investments to hunters, anglers, and outdoor recreationalists in Colorado’s San Luis Valley.

The hunting and fishing-focused conservation nonprofit has posted the video (above) to their YouTube Channel to ensure that hunters, anglers, and outdoor recreationalists are aware of the significant benefits to fish, wildlife, and habitat.

The San Luis Valley is a sacred area to several Tribes, and the wetlands are invaluable habitat for birds, fish, and mammals. Through a $6.1 million investment, the BLM looks to restore habitat, improve hunting and fishing opportunities, and bolster fire and drought resistance. The work here will conserve cultural and historic spaces, expand public use, and help manage natural resources at the headwaters of the Rio Grande.

“We are excited to showcase how these investments are increasing the pace and scale of the restoration of wetland ecosystems, while improving hunting and fishing access in the headwaters of the Rio Grande,” said Alex Funk, TRCP Director of Water Resources.“The $6.1 million dedicated to the San Luis Valley Restoration Landscape is a historic investment in restoring wildlife habitat and fisheries, improving hunting and fishing opportunities, and building resilience to drought.”

At the heart of the video is the Blanca Wetlands, where dedicated professionals are spearheading efforts to breathe new life into the region’s iconic landscapes. Featuring commentary from BLM’s San Luis Valley Field Office staff, as well as representatives from TRCP partners Trout Unlimited and Ducks Unlimited, the video emphasizes the critical role these investments play in safeguarding habitat for wildlife and ensuring recreational opportunities for the next generations of hunters and anglers.


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