SMITH Minimizes On-Water Glare with the new Hookset Sunglass


Black framed Smith sunglasses with blue and yellow mirrored lenses on a white background.

From Smith:

Innovative Lens Technology & Unique Frame Design Improves Angling Experience

Fighting a catch in open water or standing waist deep in a mountain stream, the new Hookset from SMITH are this season’s go-to sunglass for seeing below the surface. The Hookset is available exclusively with proprietary ChromaPop™ lens technology to deliver enhanced color, clarity and definition across a variety of tints and designed with purpose-built features to maximize on-water performance.

The wraparound design with wide temples and extended brow detail reduces light leakage while providing full coverage on the water. Comprised of lightweight and durable Evolve™ bio-based frame material and includes strategic lower chamfers along the bottom rim allowing perspiration and moisture to move away from the lens and minimize fogging. The addition of megol temple and nose pads reacts to perspiration and moisture for a non-slip grip. For added reassurance, the included PivLock™ leash retainer seamlessly attaches to the frames to keep them safe when releasing a fish or peering over the side of a boat.

Designed with glare-cutting polarization that enhances contrast and depth perception, the Hookset is available in 10 lens tints including SMITH’s newly launched ChromaPop™ Glass Polarchromic lenses – in Yellow Blue Mirror and Brown Green Mirror – merging top-tier eyewear technologies of polarized glass, photochromic adaptability, and color-enhancing lenses never before available in market. Both tints change from category 2 (20-23% VLT) to category 3 (11% VLT) depending on available light, making them the ideal choice for all-day adventures on the water when starting or ending in low light is likely.

The proprietary lenses are highly scratch resistant, offer incredible optical clarity, and include smudge and moisture resistant coatings for easy cleaning and clear vision.

The Hookset (MSRP $215-305 depending on lens option) is available now at and select specialty retailers worldwide.

A person wearing a hat and sunglasses is looking intently to the side, with another individual blurred in the background, onboard a boat with the ocean visible.


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