Fly Water Travel Announces Sage Experiences with Premier Partner Outfitters

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From Farbank:
Fly Water Travel, an agency catering exclusively to global destination fly fishing and adventure travel has announced the launch of Sage Experiences in conjunction with select lodge partners to provide an elevated fishing experience and access to premium gear for use onsite.
Fly Water Travel has facilitated a collaborative program between renowned destination partners and its sister companies under the Far Bank banner to provide traveling fly anglers on-location access to premium Sage and RIO gear through select partner lodges carrying the Sage Experiences Outfitter designation. The program will launch this June with elite partners in Alaska, the Bahamas, Argentina, and Chile.
Destinations bearing the distinctive Sage Experiences Outfitter authorized stamp are esteemed partners of Fly Water Travel with established reputations for delivering incredible experiences both on the water and in the lodge. Each Sage Experiences Outfitter carefully curates and meticulously maintains collections of Sage and RIO gear perfectly matched to their specific fishery and available to guests for the duration of their stay at no additional cost. By investing in Sage and RIO products exclusively for on-location use by their guests, these partners further solidify their commitment to creating uniquely remarkable angling opportunities.
“Sage Experiences fulfills a Fly Water Travel vision to bring together the world’s most incredible fly fishing destinations and the finest gear in the industry,” said Ken Morrish, Fly Water Travel Co-founder and Director of Travel Sales. “When anglers see the Sage Experiences Outfitter authorized stamp, they can be sure they’ll arrive at these select destinations with access to the highest performance Sage rods and reels, alongside premium RIO lines all perfectly tailored to that destination and the various angling experiences they will find there.”
Fly Water Travel has been at the forefront of the fly fishing travel space for the past 25 years and is built upon a foundation of creating meaningful and lasting relationships with both guests and lodge partners alike. Its intimate relationships with lodges and their operations, fisheries, seasons, cultures and cuisine, combined with a comprehensive, detail-oriented travel planning system creates the perfect pathway for exploring the world with fly rod in hand.
“Offering premium on-location tackle elevates the guest experience and helps traveling anglers better traverse the uncertainty associated with gear preparation and transport,” said Brian Gies, Fly Water Travel co-founder and Director of Travel Operations. “For international anglers that prefer to travel with their own gear, Sage Experience Outfitters offer good peace of mind against lost luggage or on-the-water damage at faraway locations, or to simply enjoy the opportunity to test drive some of the latest and greatest fly angling tools on the market.”
“Anglers commonly use travel to legitimize walking into their local shop to purchase new gear, but it doesn’t always happen on the front end of a trip,” said Kris Klein, Far Bank CEO. “Just as often, anglers return from destinations energized to seek out the gear they know they’ll need to succeed in the future. By giving traveling anglers the opportunity to “test the best” while on location at these select lodges, they walk away with a deeper appreciation for how Sage and RIO products perform when the stakes are the highest, as well as a better understanding of exactly what to ask for when they return to their local fly shops ready to gear up for that next trip.”
Current Sage Experiences Outfitter partners as of our June 2024 program launch include:
Bahamas – Andros South Lodge, Deneki
Alaska – Rapids Camp Lodge, Deneki
Chile – Coyhaique River Lodge
Argentina – Estancia Rio Pelke
For further information and to see a list of destinations currently approved as a Sage Experiences Outfitter, please visit the following link:

About Fly Water Travel
Fly Water Travel is a team of fly fishing and travel experts dedicated to arranging trips to the world’s finest fishing destinations. From its inception, Fly Water has been an inspired endeavor, forged by a special friendship and a shared sense of adventure and a love of wild fisheries. We are experienced anglers and passionate travelers who are faithfully committed to making sure our guests have the best angling experience possible.
About Far Bank  
Far Bank is a family of fly fishing brands that includes Sage, RIO Products, Redington, and Fly Water Travel. Established as a holding company in 2005 after Redington and RIO joined Sage, Far Bank’s brands offer products and services for every type of angler from first timers exploring the sport to globe-trotting, performance-driven individuals, and professionals. The company is headquartered in the Day Road manufacturing facility on Bainbridge Island where Sage rods have been hand-built since 1980. Far Bank is wholly owned by the Joshua Green Corporation, an investment firm based in Seattle, Wash.

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