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Fly fishing jobs com logo.Recently Angling Trade has been getting a fair amount of folks contacting us, asking us to help get their resumes in front of potential employers.  So that’s what we’re gonna start doing as a compliment to

Last week Matt Zillion email me and asked. Mentioned that he’s, “looking to transition back into fly fishing after a divorce and rethinking of life priorities.  I’m neither young nor old for the industry at 43.  I can connect with folks of all ages and all walks of life.  I really enjoy getting people into fish and fishing.” He’s not completely particular to location. -TR

Matt Zilliox
[email protected]


Really fishy and fun
Excellent communication skills
Own a drift boat and can row
Experience managing inventory, managing employees, and working with Fly Fishing suppliers
Ability to connect and network with people from diverse backgrounds


Pacific Botanicals: Document Control/Training  Coordinator  Grants Pass, OR May 2023 to current

Develop and oversee the coordination and control of the quality management system documentation.  Includes requirements of NOP, ODA, USDA and FDA.  Keep the team informed and systems documented for changes as they are approved and implemented including the development and upkeep of training system entries, records and tracking. Extensive Working knowledge/experience with Microsoft Excel, Adobe Acrobat and Word.

 Lykos Coffee Roaster: Owner/Roaster. Grants Pass, OR 2022 to current

I own a coffee roasting business, roasting green coffee and selling it retail and wholesale. Small business ownership requires careful tracking of costs vs pricing. I keep track of accounts payable and accounts receivable for orders placed online, and for my wholesale client. I document orders and inventory, and am responsible for meeting my own deadlines.

Pacifica: Instructor. Williams OR January 2021 to December 2022

Pacifica is a non-profit education center focusing on outdoor education for 5th and 6th graders in Josephine and Jackson county as well as field trips and events for local schools. Pacifica also offers private education courses for the community. My role at Pacifica was diverse and always changing. My main role was that of educator, where I was responsible for a group of 10-15 children and their course work, comfort, electives, and safety. I volunteered for extra training in inclusion for kids with differing ability or “neuroatypical” students to help improve the inclusivity efforts available during outdoor school. I was often placed in a supervisory role of other instructors, as well as supervising a crew of six Americorp helpers for 3 months.

 Humble Heron Guide Service and Morrison’s Lodge: Fly Fishing Guide. Grants Pass, OR 2015/2020 

Spending a day fishing with clients where the realistic expectation is zero fish (modern steelheading) is an interesting experience and requires more than just the ability to put people on fish or row a boat.  I pride myself on excellent communication skills, the ability to connect with different kinds of people, and the ability to remain flexible with scheduling and solutions. Self-motivation is required, as this is generally a self-employed position. As a steward of the watershed, I also consider it my job to educate clients on the importance of healthy rivers and fish runs. I’ve learned to follow and stay educated about all state laws and regulations surrounding the profession and safety of the clients.

Rogue Coffee Roasters: Barista and Coffee Roaster. Grants Pass, OR 2011/2015

This busy coffee shop and roastery required exceptional customer service and attention to detail. As a roaster, I had to keep my own schedule and make sure to meet deadlines for commercial orders. I also worked closely with our coffee sales manager to provide wholesale customers with beans. I ordered inventory, and tracked costs of green beans vs sales prices of roasted coffee. I monitored weight losses from roasting to help calculate costing. I managed inventory, and helped make sure pricing was up to date with costs.

Upstream Flyfishing: Manager. Cape Town, South Africa 2009/2011 

I ran the second largest fly fishing shop in South Africa. We were the Sage and Redington dealers for the country, and I also brought in Bauer Fly reels to South Africa for a brief period. I kept inventory of stock on hand and ordered new stock when necessary. I managed accounts receivable and accounts payable for the wholesale and retail sides of the business. I conducted monthly audits to track losses from theft. I organized multi-day trips for clients, often working as the guide as well as organizer. I hosted trips for Tigerfish in Zimbabwe.  I learned to navigate the supply chain, forecast sales, create promotions and marketing, deal with warranty and return issues, and alleviate client concerns.

 City of Portland, Bureau of Environmental Services: Ecologist intern 2008/2009

I became familiar with different ecosystem components, restoration techniques, invasive treatment strategy and timing, with a basic understanding of hydrology and watershed protection. I was responsible for monitoring species in urban forest areas, and recording accurate data for possible treatment considerations. I managed 3rd party work crews, ensuring accuracy, timeliness, and assuming responsibility for mistakes. I gained knowledge about contract management and negotiation, project planning and budgeting, public outreach, and volunteer coordination.

Coys Wilderness Fishing Guides:  Summers 1998 to 2002

I guided the Snake River from a drift boat as well as conducting walk-in trips on the surrounding streams.  I was a One Fly guide in 1999 and 2000.  I am familiar with the waters around Jackson and somewhat familiar with the Yellowstone area.

Other stuff:

I am a professional fly tier.  Find my work on Etsy at Featherweight Flyco, and on instagram @mattzfliez or @featherweightflyco
I have fly fished in South Africa, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, France, Canada, Belize, Honduras, and all over the USA.
I have fished saltwater, freshwater, and anadromous fish.
I can cast/fish 2 hand rods
I often fish bamboo rods for both trout and steelhead
Orvis Endorsed


Bachelors Economics (Business management): University of California Santa Barbara -Completed 2002 Associate Horticulture: Clackamas Community College -Completed 2009


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