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From Guide Relief Program:

Through May 31, one lucky enthusiast who provides support to GAA will have the opportunity to win a prize package worth over $17,000!

Including the following

Sawyer Oars – choice of any Artisan Square Top Oars; 2 and one spare. Over $1700
Outcast Sporting Gear – PAC Raft & Dry Box Over $4500.
Down River Equipment – Taylor 3-Bay Fishing Frame for Outcast PAC 115. Over $2700.
Sweetwater Travel- Three nights of lodging, meals and two days of guided fishing at Royal Big Horn Lodge worth $5000.

Look here to see all the great prizes and to pledge your support.

Guides Across America was launched to provide crucial support to water-based guides nationwide. Acknowledging guiding is not just a profession but a way of life with its unique challenges, the initiative aims to create a nationwide movement serving as a steadfast pillar of support for guides both on and off the water.

Guides Across America seeks to not only address the immediate financial needs of guides but also recognize the significance of mental well-being. The initiative invites individuals to contribute to a rainy- day fund, fostering a community that understands and supports the guiding spirit comprehensively.

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Guides Across America stands not only as a support program but as a movement dedicated to building a resilient and supportive community for the guides who inspire us every day.

About the Guide Relief Program

The Guide Relief Program, recognized as an IRS-designated nonprofit organization, extends financial assistance o guides in crisis through the allocation of small grants. This aid is designed to ease some of the financialchallenges that guides may encounter during periods of difficulty. Furthermore, the GRP offers a valuableresource by granting access to two months of free and confidential mental health services.

Acknowledging the significance of mental well-being, we affirm that the mental health of guides holds equalimportance to their physical health. Our commitment is to ensure that guides possess the essential resourcesto navigate both their personal lives and their professional commitments successfully.

Media Contact

Guide Relief Program and Outdoor Guides Association Mollie Simpkins, Co- Founder & Executive Director [email protected]


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