Ultralight Wading Boots & DeYoung Collaboration // New Korkers Gear for 2024


A fisherman wearing waders stepping over rocks with a fishing rod in hand.

Korkers, the award winning outdoor footwear brand, is proud to introduce several new innovative footwear products bringing comfort to every step. The new Wade-Lite™ Wading Boots, DeYoung Flips and Mocs, and All Terrain water shoes highlight Korkers Spring 2024 assortment.


Designed with ultra-light performance and uncompromising durability in mind, these new boots are light as a feather but tough as nails. Constructed similarly to an athletic sneaker, Wade Lite™ footwear is incredibly light, low profile, and nimble.

Unique to the Korkers’ line, the new Wade Lite™ Collection features a fixed sole construction (non-interchangeable) incorporating their new Kling-On Rock™ performance outsole. Kling-On Rock™ is a new proprietary sticky rubber sole compound that is light, flexible and provides positive grip on both dry and wet rock. The Macro-Lug™ design allows for solid performance on softer terrain such as mud and wet grass, while the razor-siped tread sheds water and provides sure-footed confidence with every step.  Embedded nylon anchor plates allow for retention of Korkers new XTRA-BITE™ carbide screw-in cleats if additional traction is desired.

“We challenged our design team to develop the lightest weight, highest performing wading boots in the industry and they delivered in spades,” commented CEO Brian Chaney. “Not only did they deliver exactly what we requested, at $149.99 MSRP for the Stealth Sneaker™ and $179.99 MSRP for the Chrome Lite™ BOA® they did so at an unbelievable value to the consumer,” Chaney continued.  Korkers new Wade Lite™ is set to drop March 2024 and will be available for purchase through quality outdoor retailers across North America.

Learn more – https://korkers.com/collections/wade-lite

A promotional image for korkers footgear featuring a shoe with a multicolored sole, placed against a natural backdrop with "fish with us" written above in stylized text.


This is what we call: all-day comfort with art and sole. The all new line-up of Korkers Mocs and Flips are the perfect companion to the oncoming summer. Featuring crazy comfortable Cush-Tech™ anatomical molded premium EVA. Grip all terrain with a non-marking Kling-On Deck™ rubber with incredible grip on wet surfaces. Not to forget the star of the show, beautiful fish prints from Derek DeYoung one of the greatest fish artists of our time, with your choice of freshwater or saltwater patterns.

Learn more – https://korkers.com/collections/summer-outdoor

Person sitting on a metal structure against a blue sky, viewed from below.

NEO FLEX™ SLIP-ON ANKLE BOOTS (with all-day comfort)

Most rubber deck boots are made with a hard rubber midsole, which leads to discomfort and pain after a long day on the boat. Korkers’ New Neo Flex™ deck boots are constructed using crazy comfortable Cush-Tech EVA which provides shock absorption and rejuvenating energy with every step. All-day comfort + unwavering confidence, is what we call Big Deck Energy. Coming to stores in May 2024.

SANDALS AND SHOES for WET WADING (and oh so much more)

“As a brand well known for creating high-performance, durable wading boots that provide exceptional traction on wet rock and unforgiving terrain, we have continually heard customers asking for lighter, more breathable options for hot summer days” says CEO Brian Chaney.  “We are very excited to bring our new collection of versatile sandals and shoes featuring our proprietary OmniTrax® Interchangeable Sole System as well as complimentary accessories in Spring 2024. Unlike any other footwear on the market, Korkers new sandals and shoes provide all-around amphibious versatility allowing you to customize your traction for summer adventures like hiking, paddling, fishing, boating, camping, and travel. The agility and confidence that these shoes provide on slick, wet rock while using a sticky rubber Vibram® sole, a felt sole, or one of our carbide-studded soles is unmatched.  Having the flexibility and versatility to quickly change from a high friction water performance sole to a trail based sole for hiking, street use, or travel is a complete game changer” Chaney continued.

Learn more – https://korkers.com/collections/outdoor-shoes-sandals



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