The Next Evolution of G4Z Has Arrived.


Every Detail Considered, Every Forecast Ignored.

In their 2008 catalog, Simms pulled back the curtain to unveil the first G4Z Stockingfoot Wader. The wader Chest-high fishing waders with attached boots and a front pouch.was prominently featured on the cover of the catalog, the inside cover, and was also the first product consumers saw upon diving in to the entire 2008 product collection.

An excerpt from the catalog regarding the brand new G4Z read as followed:

G4’s aren’t made for the casual angler. They represent the peak of Simms’ design expertise. The recipient of many coveted awards, this wader is the most durable, breathable wader available on the market today.

While the statement above was originally published 16 years ago, it could be cut and pasted in any G4 copy today. Even to this day it’s true — G4’s aren’t made for the casual angler. And, they undoubtedly continue to embody the peak of Simms design and development expertise. Finally, it’s important to note that before the latest G4Z was released, the wader tallied multiple coveted industry awards making it one of, if not the most decorated wader in the longstanding history of Simms waders.

So what sets the new G4Z so high above the pack? The short answer is — a lot. One of the more noteworthy aspects of the new G4Z is the fact that in addition to being designed and developed out of Simms’ Bozeman, Montana headquarters, it’s also built from the ground up by Simms highly skilled, Bozeman based Wader Maker team.

One aspect of the new G4Z that hasn’t changed from its predecessor is the fabric package. Reason being — it delivers across the board. In 2019, Simms released the previous G4Z iteration which was the first time this GORE-TEX fabric package was used. This was also the first time Simms utilized a 4-layer lower in lieu of 5.

Logically, it makes sense that shedding a layer would offer enhanced mobility, lighter weight, and increased breathability, but what about durability? How could 4-layer live up to the G4 durability standards? The answer lies in the face fabric. After thousands of hours of extensive field and lab testing, the results revealed that this new 4-layer fabric package offered anglers a more comfortable fit, lighter weight, much better breathability, and next-level mobility — all without sacrificing durability.

Man fly fishing in the rain while wearing sunglasses and a cap.While the fabric package remains the same, the patterning of the wader has received pretty significant tweaks — all of which were implemented to offer anglers more comfort and better range-of-motion. In addition, the 4-layer proved so successful, Simms extended it about 5 inches higher up on the thighs and the seat of the wader to bolster the overall durability in the hardest working areas of the wader.

One of the more visual improvements is the all-new spacer mesh suspender package. It’s more of a harness style that provides anglers with a much more ergonomic fit and breathable support. Another tweak regarding the suspenders is the all-new quick-adjust, cam locking suspender hardware. This is a small detail that makes a world of difference primarily because it gives anglers the ability to adjust their suspender on the fly. Simply flip the cam up and pull the suspender straps until the desired tension is achieved and flip the cam back down to lock in place. Wondering about the excess suspender strap material? Simms thought of that too. On the inside of the top hem of the upper of the wader, there’s a laser cut slit that channels the excess material into the chest pockets of the wader.

The remaining updates are less obvious to see but the following seemingly small details make all the difference in the world.

The new G4Z features the classic pocket array of two zippered stretch woven chest pockets and an additional two zippered handwarmer pockets. The handwarmer pockets now feature a higher pile microPerson stepping out of a seaplane onto a wet surface. fleece to warm frozen fingers quicker. Finally, the product team at Simms also incorporated two fully submersible TruZip toothless, self healing zippers on the inside of the wader to stash smaller essentials.

Another major update that can’t be seen is a completely new construction of the YKK center-front, fully submersible zipper. Previously, this zipper was sewn in, now its bonded in. Why is this significant? When something is attached via stitches, it means more material, more tape, more bulk, and more rigidity. The new construction of the G4Z’s most distinguishable feature is now bonded in. By doing so, Simms was able to reduce the construction from 16 layers of fabric down to only 4 (plus the zipper itself). This drastically decreased bulk and rigidity to provide a much better fitting upper that’s way more comfortable.

A person fly fishing in a river with a forested hill in the background.For more on the fly adjustment capabilities, the new G4Z comes equipped with a new G4 specific stretch neoprene wading belt that stays in place with upgraded low profile belt loops.

Finally, the new G4Z features modified lower profile, snag free gravel guards. The new gravel guards now fit so well, the classic boot hook is no longer needed for them to stay in place so it has also been removed.

While the new G4Z does lean into standby aspects such as fabric, their patented front and back leg seams, and anatomically engineered left and right stockingfeet, the latest version most definitely lives up to the original mission statement and truly lives up to the legacy of its past.


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