The Greatest Native Trout Recovery Story Ever Told…


Ready for a little good news? Take 10 minutes to watch this film that highlights the comeback of Apache trout.

Once on the verge of extinction, thanks to the native tribe for which they are named, these fish are about the come off the endangered species list. This really might be one of the best native trout comeback stories ever, and how Apache trout got where they are is one of the most interesting science and fisheries management stories of our time.

You can check out the written story in this digital reprint from TROUT magazine. The story is authored by Tom Reed, whose 40-year affinity for Apache trout shines through in this supremely insightful adventure tale.

Heck, you can check out all 100 pages of the current native-packed issue of TROUT magazine here. (Thanks to the industry advertisers who support bringing these stories of conscience to the largest print readership in fly fishing.)


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