Indifly Rallies Supporters to Join The Indifly Corps


The logo for indifly on a blue background.From Indifly:

A community of individual monthly donors, The Indifly Corps is committed to assisting Indigenous communities in bridging barriers to conservation goals through fly fishing. 

 Community-first nonprofit, Indifly exists to serve Indigenous communities around the globe. Through fly fishing ecotourism, Indifly works alongside Indigenous peoples to innovate ways for vital stewards to write their own future. In order to further their mission, Indifly is inviting supporters to join its community of recurring monthly donors, “The Indifly Corps.”

With their commitment, members of The Indifly Corps become part of an exclusive community dedicated to supporting vital stewards of 80% of the world’s remaining biodiversity. Additional benefits of membership include access to meet ups throughout the year, quarterly webinars, Indifly merchandise, custom artwork, and appreciation gifts from Indifly’s partner brands, including Costa Sunglasses and Yeti.

“Five years ago we had a vision to provide a simple way for supporters to consistently engage with our cause. In 2019 the Indifly Corps was born, and individual monthly donors, who are committed to helping Indigenous communities bridge barriers to conservation goals, began supporting our mission,” said Matt Shilling, Indifly Executive Director. “It’s our goal in 2024 to expand and enhance the Indifly Corps. As a token of our appreciation for our current Corps, and in an effort to grow our community of supporters, Indifly will provide additional benefits and forge greater connections to loyal participants.”

Since 2019, The Indifly Corps has been an integral part of Indifly’s efforts to work alongside Indigenous peoples to provide sustainable livelihoods, generate community-wide economic benefits, and create incentives for the protection of Indigenous homelands.

Indifly started out of a project to help an Indigenous village in the heart of Guyana (Rewa) develop a fly fishing eco-lodge. The project and its success created a natural roadmap to expand the model to other areas, and ultimately spawned an organization (Indifly) with a vision to champion Indigenous people, as they steward 80% of the earth’s biodiversity.

Today, Indifly has projects operating in Guyana (Rewa Eco-Lodge), French Polynesia (Anaa Atoll), Lesotho (Makhangoa Community Camp), and The United States (Wyoming’s Wind River Reservation), as well as future projects in development.

To join The Indifly Corps, learn more about Indifly and support the cause, visit

About Indifly

Indifly is the community-first nonprofit that gives Indigenous peoples an enterprise-based framework for the creation of sustainable livelihoods, while helping protect cultural identity and ecosystems. Believing Indigenous peoples have the power to solve the world’s most pressing environmental challenges, Indifly works alongside Indigenous communities to innovate ways for them to write their own future. Currently Indifly projects include Rewa, Guyana; Anaa Atoll, French Polynesia; Makhangoa Community Camp, Lesotho; and the Wind River Indian Reservation, Wyoming, United States. For more information about Indifly, visit or follow @indiflyfoundation. 


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