A major ribbon cutting for Everglades Restoration


A group of people cutting a ribbon at a ribbon cutting ceremony.

From Captains for Clean Water:

When we started CFCW back in 2016, completion of the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan—the solution to South Florida’s water crisis—still seemed like just a pipe dream.

The political status-quo had been stalling progress for over a decade and a half, and most of the plan’s 68 projects had yet to see the light of day.
Since then, things have changed completely.
Now, with your help, the fight for clean water has turned into a movement, an unstoppable force, and the past’s disregard for water quality has been replaced by an absolute premium on clean, healthy waterways.
And yesterday, less than two weeks from our organization’s eight-year anniversary, we celebrated the ribbon cutting of the Stormwater Treatment Area component of the EAA Reservoir project, the “crown jewel” of Everglades restoration!
Learn more about this major milestone and how YOU helped make this moment happen here.

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