A brief note to press release writers… please, quit with the bulls**t “APPLAUSE”


A man is putting his hands together in front of a camera.

K. Deeter

I can’t begin to count the number of press releases we get that say so and so “APPLAUDS” what some government agency, or some other group does.

Please. Stop it.

Who the heck cares what you think about it? The news is the act itself.

Your “applause” is not news. No more than “Bob Smith applauds the San Francisco 49ers for their comeback win against the Green Bay Packers.”

The news is really about who did what, and how. It isn’t about who stood on the sidelines and cheered, who’s happy about the result, or any of that.

So be advised, going forward, Angling Trade will not run any releases related to your “applause.” If we see “applauds” in the headline of your release, we will discard it. I totally understand the need to scratch the backs of your funders, jump on the bandwagon, and all of that. But know that we only care about real news, and we do not think it is newsworthy to know how you feel about something that someone, or some other organization, accomplished.

Now… having said that, we are open to “polite golf claps.”

So… if you send us a release that says, “XYZ ‘politely golf claps’ the initiatives or accomplishments of ABC,” we will consider that.

In fact, to the first who puts “politely golf claps” in their press release copy, instead of “applauds” we just might lead this newsletter with your release,



  1. Pisgah Outdoors applauds, celebrates, fist bumps, high fives; Angling Trade’s willingness to call bullshit on the industry when needed. 👏

    As a bunch of insignificant dirtbags in an insignificant corner of the fly fishing world we appreciate anytime an organization with a greater reach and louder voice embraces their inner curmudgeon.

    Full disclosure: We also appreciate that anytime you leave a comment here it asks for your website and creates a backlink.

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