Sage launches SPEY R8 rod, new SPEY reel


A person holding a fly rod in the water.

Following on the heels of its R8 Core and R8 Salt rods, Sage has introduced a spey rod version called SPEY R8.

Here’s what the company has to say about it:

“Sage introduces the next evolution in double-handed fly rod technology with the SPEY R8. The Spey angler’s arena is exacting and exhausting. Seams and structure are often in the middle or far side of the river; bushes behind and trees above complicate casting the necessary distance. Deep and fast currents, combined with slick bedrock and boulders make wading arduous. All the while, extreme weather-rainforest deluges, high desert glare, or never-ending daylight-continuously test resolve. Nevertheless, the simple fact remains that the more time the fly is in the water, the better the odds of an encounter.To maximize their chances, the Spey angler needs a rod that delivers the fly precisely, time and time again, with minimal fatigue. They need a rod that’s Intuitive and easy to cast, optimized and Fine-Tuned for their application.By utilizing Sage’s proprietary Revolution 8 graphite, SPEY R8 rods heighten the smooth transfer of energy throughout the three key components of the Spey cast, allowing anglers to effectively Lift line off the water, Load the rod sufficiently, and Deliver the fly to the target. Casts become instinctive and consistent.”

They’ve also introduced a new corresponding reel, simply called SPEY, and here’s a video of reel designer Joe Conrad talking about the new reel below.


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