Captains for Clean Water 2023 Impact Report


Captains for clean water impact report.

From Captains for Clean Water:
2023 impact—a year of major progress for clean water

Thanks to your help, we’re reaching more people, educating them about our water-quality issues, and inspiring them to advocate for solutions.

Support for clean water and a restored Everglades has never been stronger!

And with a tireless commitment to our focus programs listed below, we made sure 2023 marked another year of major growth for the clean-water movement:

  1. Advocacy in Action
  2. Digital Education & Awareness
  3. Outreach & Engagement
  4. Senate Bill 2508 Film Tour
  5. Outdoor Industry Engagement

Check out our full impact report to see how each one of these focus programs helped ensure another year of progress for our waters.


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