ECHO Fly Fishing Releases The Eight Four Rod Line for 2024


Echo Rod LogoFrom ECHO:

ECHO FLY FISHING has designed the Eight Four Rod line with ambush predators in mind and the accuracy to deliver big wind resistant flies to where these fish live. In an effort to produce the most accurate rod they could Echo tried every combination of length, action, and power to find the perfect rod for targeting fish when power and accuracy count.

“It didn’t take long for us to realize that a rod that is less than 9 feet has distinct advantages when it comes to fishing for bass or any species of fish that require accuracy, short cycle times between pick up and the next delivery cast, and leverage to drive a cast and move a fish once it is hooked. The rod length that worked best in our tests was 8’4”, explains ECHO’s Tim Rajeff

Big wind resistant flies also need a rod that can generate a little more line speed and have the ability to pick up a fair amount of line, and with one or two false casts deliver the fly. For this reason Tim explains, “…we settled on rods that have firm power levels. Not too stiff but firm.”

The Eight Four Rods could become your favorite bone fish rod… or maybe your favorite carp rod… or maybe your new favorite bass rod….or even your next favorite streamer rod. Echo is sure though that if you cast one of the new Eight Four rods and think they could have done something more to help you hit a target….. they are going to want to talk.

6wt 8’4” ECHO 84B – 684
7wt 8’4” ECHO 84B – 784
8wt 8’4” ECHO 84B – 784

About ECHO Fly Fishing
ECHO is a small group of passionate, personable, like-minded fly-fisher folk based in Vancouver Island, Washington. For over 20 years, ECHO has been leaning on the fly-fishing pedigree of rod designer Tim Rajeff. Tim is a world champion fly caster and fly-fishing industry stalwart with a passion for creating high-quality performance fly rods. More details about ECHO, Rajeff Sports and the Eight Four line can be found at



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