Trippin’ Out…


Wanna go fish somewhere interesting, and make money doing it? Fly Water Travel is encouraging Far Bank Pros to tap into their client lists, organize hosted trips, and get paid to do so.

Example Scenario: A guide/pro hosts 7-guest trip to Christmas Island
2024 Rate: $2,950 per angler
Pro Commission: $450.00 per angler; $3,150.00 in total

And your stay is free (you pay for airfare and gratuities). In most situations that’s a little bit better than break-even.

Fly Water has over 200 choice destinations to choose from, all around the world. You need to look them and figure out dates.

To get underway, email Fly Water Travel’s Anil Srivastava at [email protected] or call us at 800-552-2729 and ask to speak about hosting a trip.


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