Cheeky Fishing’s New Award-Winning Fly Reel Available in the Fall


From Cheeky:

Cheeky Fishing, maker of performance fly fishing equipment, is pleased to introduce the new Spray Reel series. Available at select Cheeky Retailers in November, the Spray series has already gained notoriety as the best new fly reel for it Best in Category-Fly Reel selection at the ICAST Trade Show in July.

The New Spray Fly Reels are the premium reel from Cheeky Fishing. They have been engineered and rigorously tested for performance and durability. With a new and improved Gasket Drag System (GDS), all new light-weight design, improved features, and exciting colors, the Spray is up to the task for any fly fishing adventure.

The improved Gasket Drag System (GDS) is fully-sealed with upgraded top-end power that can stop those monsters in their tracks while not sacrificing Cheeky’s legendarily smooth start-up inertia. The improvements come in the refinement of carbon-fiber disks both in material quality and design.

All Spray Reels are fully machined from the highest-grade, aerospace aluminum and feature a newly updated frame and spool design with improved strength plus lighter weight. The improved integrated reel foot design includes a hook keeper slot and gentle curves for kinkless line wrapping. The all-new, anodized aluminum handle and low-profile counterbalance eliminates line catching at the base and is ergonomic for long fights. Spray comes in three sizes: 350 (3 ½ inch arbor), 400 (4 inch arbor), and 450 (4 ½ inch arbor). Spray can accommodate line weights from 4 to 12.

All three sizes of Spray reels come in two striking color combinations to choose from: the eye-catching Burn and Steel as well as the Electric Blue and Gold.

What’s in a name?

We love to see the Spray from our reel as that giant tarpon rips off the flat or as the brown trout of our dreams peels off toward cover. Although this is some of the inspiration for our new reel’s name, Spray goes even deeper. In April of 1895, a gaff-rigged sloop named Spray left Boston Harbor on one of the greatest adventures of all time. A true do-it-yourselfer, the captain of the Spray, Joshua Slocum, rebuilt an old oyster boat and became the first person to single-handedly sail around the world. We hope this reel can accompany the curious angler to venture wider and further than they ever thought possible. Take a chance, make that cast and feel confident that the new Cheeky Spray will be that trusty reel to help you do the impossible.

About Cheeky Fishing

Cheeky Fishing is the leader in high performance and durable products providing smart solutions to angling questions. Developed and designed by avid anglers in Massachusetts, Cheeky makes products for every fly angler not just the elite. They are fly-fishing’s Robin Hood, championing the do-it-yourself angler and the waters they fish. From your first cast to your 10,000th fish, Cheeky has you covered. Cheeky donates 3% of every purchase to water-based conservation causes with its 3% Tip the Waters program.  The company is also a proud member of 1% for the Planet.

To learn more about Cheeky Fishing and see the latest product introductions, visit Follow Cheeky on Instagram.



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