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At Outcast Sporting Gear we believe access is everything. We understand that leaving the crowds and finding the best water usually isn’t always easy; so, if you’re ready to leave the crowds behind and go where the fish are, we can get you there. Outcast has a full array of boats and gear designed to deliver the access you desire. Whatever your destination—still water or moving—there’s an Outcast or Fish Cat model to suit your needs. Stalk early morning risers and lay out long casts in our best-selling float tubes. Go lightweight with one of our versatile, frameless boats. Or load your dry bags and coolers onto a USA-made PRO Series raft or heavy-duty PAC pontoon boat for a serious multi-day drift. Our models are all unique and offer different fishing experiences, but they share a couple of things in common; they are built to last and are backed by our multiyear warranties. Quality, durability and excellent customer service are important to us, so if anything does go wrong, call us and we’ll help make it right, and we’ll do it right away.


The Cruzer Max is the beefed-up version of the Cruzer. Designed with comfort in mind, we’ve widened the cockpit for a roomier ride, as well as, constructing it with urethane bladders. The Cruzer Max still is equipped with 2-piece oars so you can cover more water with ease and our updated magnetic apron system.

OSG Clearwater

The OSG Clearwater is ready for big water and lots of gear. Using the open oarlock system, perfected on some of our multi-person rafts, it can accommodate longer/stronger oars for conditions when you need to put more umph into your stroke. The Clearwater has a trampoline style cargo space in front and back for securing lots of gear. It has a 450lbs load capacity but weighs in at just under 35lbs. The high-back seat rests on inflatable thwart so the rower has great visibility and making it great for longer days on the water and even short expedition trips. Bonus, no trailer is needed and will fit in the bed of pick-up or can be car-topped for easy transport to your next fishing spot. “Length 9′ 4″”

Width 54″”
Weight 35 lbs.
Tube Diameter 16″”
Valve Type Summit II
Base Fabric Denier 1000
Material Weight, Oz. per Sq. Yard 20 oz.
AIREcell Material Urethane
Number of Chambers 3
Number of Handles 2
Self Bailing Yes
Load Capacity 450 lbs.
Warranty 5 Year Limited
Color Gray / Green”



“The Outcast Sporting Gear (OSG) Stealth Pro is the lightweight boat for destination anglers who are on the water more than 30 days per year and want simplicity, a compact design, and versatile features. No frame to assemble, just inflate and go. The rockered ends can take on big water—moving or still—and the OSG Integrated Gear System (IGS) offers multiple options for seat and gear positioning.

What makes the OSG Stealth Pro special?

No Frame: Without a frame, the OSG Stealth Pro is simple to set up, so you’ll be able to get on the water quickly.

Rockered Ends: The OSG Stealth Pro, with its rockered ends isn’t scared of whitewater or big swells on the lake.”

OSG Striker

“The Outcast Sporting Gear (OSG) Striker is designed to facilitate easy, quick water access for two anglers. It’s small and compact and eliminates the need for a trailer, since it can fit in the back of a pickup truck. The minimal frame and inflatable lean bar simplify set-up so you spend less time tinkering with the boat and more time fishing. At just 102 lbs., two people can comfortably carry the Striker to the water. Its small raft design and self-bailing floor are great for maneuvering in rivers. A motor can be added to the OSG Striker for fishing in lakes and reservoirs.

What makes the OSG Striker special?

No Trailer Needed: The OSG Striker is small enough to fit in the back of a pickup, no trailer required!

Minimal Frame: The OSG Striker’s minimal frame enables you to get out on the water fast!”

OSG Drifter 13′

The Outcast Sporting Gear (OSG) Drifter 13.0 Package is a fishing raft package that won’t break the bank. The raft is constructed with a heavy-duty PVC shell, filled with airtight urethane AIREcells for increased durability. The package includes a functional three-person NRS fishing frame with 3 padded folding seats and your choice of color Gray or Green. The OSG Drifter is a versatile raft for anglers on a budget, so you can spend time on your favorite day stretch or gear it up and head out on a fishing expedition.

PAC 1000

The PAC 1000 is perfect for overnight trips on rivers, lakes and large reservoirs.

What makes the OSG PAC 1000 Pontoon Fishing Boat special?

Load Capacity: The OSG PAC 1000 has a 500 lb. load capacity, which gives you enough floatation for you and a pile of gear, for extended trips.

Big Water Ready: With the right rower, the OSG PAC 1000 is ready to take you through big water into tough to reach fishing holes.

Watch a video about the PAC 1000 and learn more here.


The PAC 136DD “double-diminished” boat is made to be a maneuverable, high-performance raft for extended fishing trips. The extra width offers stability in rapids and provides plenty of room to haul big gear and passenger loads. The PAC 136DD comes equipped with a custom NRS fishing frame with 3 folding seats that can be removed and replaced with dry boxes (demonstrated in image). (*oars not included)

What makes the OSG PAC 136DD special?

– Big Side Tubes: The 136DD has massive 21” side tubes for extra load carrying capacity.– Diminished Bow and Stern Tubes: Those massive tubes neck down to a mere 15.5” which contribute to this raft’s nimble feel and wave eating abilities.
Extra Kick: 14” kick on both ends!
Wide Beam: You know it’s going to happen. We all wish we could line up perfectly on every rapid, but inevitably there is going to be a day when we come through sideways. When that day comes, the 136DD’s 6’ 8” width will come in handy.


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