Keep Fish Wet Launches a Toolkit for Guides, Shop, and Lodges


From Keep Fish Wet:

Keep Fish Wet announces the launch of a best practices Toolkit for guides, shops, and lodges.  Continuing the tradition of providing the recreational angling world with free, science-based, consistent, and persistent messaging about best practices for catch-and-release, Keep Fish Wet has expanded their programing to include material specifically designed for professionals working in recreational fisheries.

“Guides, shops, and lodges are important messengers within the industry, and we wanted to make sure that they have the resources necessary to help their clients use science-based best practices” says Sascha Clark Danylchuk, Executive Director of Keep Fish Wet.  “We also know that their jobs are already demanding, so the Toolkit is designed to make communicating to their clients and customers easier.”

The Toolkit consists of a mix of digital and physical resources with multiple uses created to reduce barriers to access and offer ‘non-preachy’ educational opportunities.  It is currently available for free to guides, and those that work at shops and lodges within the United States.  Keep Fish Wet plans to expand availability as well as develop new content for the Toolkit soon.

“If we want resilient fisheries, we need all recreational anglers participating in conservation.   This is why we included information on the best practices for harvesting fish and our new statement on the value of multiple perspectives on fishing in the Toolkit.” says Clark Danylchuk.

The Toolkit was funded by the S. Kent Rockwell Foundation and the AFFTA Fisheries Fund.  The Maine Department of Marine Resources funded the creation of a striped bass version of the Toolkit.  More information about the Toolkit can be found at

Keep Fish Wet is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to helping anglers improve the outcomes for each fish they release. They are committed to providing science-based best practices for catch-and-release fishing.  For more information visit


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