TU is starting to consider a few more licensing agreements.


If you have a product that you think would perform better if it were associated with Trout Unlimited, and you are willing to earmark a percentage of proceeds to making trout and salmon fishing better, TU is going to consider a very limited number of licensing agreement pitches in the coming months. With over 300,000 members and supporters comprised of some of the most dedicated, conservation-minded fly anglers in America, TU has dabbled on a limited scale in agreements like this in the past, particularly on the state council level. But now the organization is exploring other ideas, not necessarily OEM options, rather unique, conservation-leaning products and services that actually add to specialty retailers’ revenue channels.  If you want to strike up a conversation, contact Sherice Evans, TU’s Sr. Director of Sponsorships and Partnerships, at [email protected] or drop a line to [email protected].


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