How Can Manufacturers Get Involved?



Flylab is interested in building relationships with industry manufacturers to secure fly-fishing gear for the sole purpose of testing evaluations. Any leftover product may be donated to youth fishing organizations, environmental causes or our field testers. We’re focused on stress testing the trustworthiness of product marketing claims for consumers. We do not purchase or resell the products we test.

Our Product Evaluation Process

Below is a basic overview of how we’re thinking about the product review process.

Design intention—understanding the thought process behind the manufacturer’s design methodology, i.e. what’s the product actually designed to do? Any reliable product review starts here.

Transparency—we’ll stress test product marketing claims, as we evaluate performance, versatility, durability, price and warranty criteria.

Comparison & analysis—our experts have the knowledge and experience to compare, analyze and stack rank products in their niche categories.

Final verdict—when it’s all said and done, we’ll offer a final product evaluation with high-level takeaways, likes and dislikes and value-focused recommendations. If there’s consensus, or variance, in our expert opinion, we’ll tell you.

Product Categories

Flylab product categories are a high-level organizational structure for our buyer’s guide and product submission process. Manufacturers should feel free to submit as many individual products for review as they see fit. If you’re a small company with a handful of SKUs, send us all you have. If you’re a much larger operation with dozens, even hundreds of SKUs, it probably makes sense to curate a short-list of your favorite stuff. If you have a unique product that doesn’t fall into one of our categories, we’re happy to amend, or update, our organizational structure. We also will make specific product requests from time to time.

Product Submissions

Getting started—reach out to a member of our team to find out more about the product submission process. It’s also important for manufacturers to fill out our product submission form.

Flylab Manufacturer Product Program

To learn more about the Flylab Manufacturer Product Program, download our product program overview.


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