Ross Reels Donates $31,125 to Colorado Trout Unlimited


From Ross Reels:

Ross Reels, a leading manufacturer of fly fishing equipment and subsidiary of Mayfly Outdoors, proudly donated $31,125 to Colorado Trout Unlimited and the Poudre Headwaters Project as part of its Native Series Reel campaign. The presentation took place Saturday, July 8th at Colorado Trout Unlimited’s Troutfest Colorado event, hosted at Coors Field. The donation is just the first portion of a total giveback of $37,125 once all of the reels have been sold.

The Native Series campaign is a partnership between Ross Reels and Colorado Trout Unlimited with
the intent to raise money for native fish species conservation through the sale of reels inspired by the
specific species identified.

The Greenback cutthroat trout was the first native species identified for the first reel and conservation
project and is also the state fish of Colorado. The reel, called the Greenback Cutthroat Reel is a limited
edition 2/3 size reel with only 495 units made, with $75 from every reel sold going to the Poudre
Headwaters Project and Colorado Trout Unlimited.

The Poudre Headwaters Project is a conservation project specifically focused on restoring native
Greenback trout habitat over the course of approximately 40 miles of connected river and lakes along
the Cache la Poudre River all the way up to Long Draw Reservoir.

With the success of the Greenback Reel, Ross Reels also announced the release of the second reel in
the series – the Colorado Cutthroat Reel. This special edition reel will again be limited to 495 reels with
$75 from every reel sold going to Colorado Trout Unlimited and the Clear Fork East Muddy Creek
project focused on Colorado River cutthroat trout habitat restoration.

David Nickum, Colorado Trout Unlimited Executive Director, shared his thoughts on the partnership
saying, “Native trout have a great friend in Mayfly Outdoors and Ross Reels. The Greenback cutthroat
reel has been a great success and is providing vital support to restoration efforts in the Poudre
headwaters. Now as Ross Reels continues the native series to celebrate the Colorado River Cutthroat
trout and contribute to its conservation, we look forward to partnering with them on other projects in
western Colorado and Utah to help secure a future for the native trout of Mayfly’s own home waters.”

Jeff Patterson, Mayfly Outdoors and Ross Reels Director of Sales, also commented, “This has been
such a great “everybody wins” collaboration with Colorado Trout Unlimited. Our Ross dealers really
stepped up their support as well promoting this project through their shops with the Greenback
Cutthroat being the ultimate beneficiary through the combined efforts. Our shared customers also
received a pretty cool looking reel in return for their contributions. We love doing this kind of stuff, and
look forward to more of it in the near future.”

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