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From onWater:

onWater Providing Free Subscriptions to Veteran Participants

Project Healing Waters, an inspirational leader and model in the field of therapeutic outdoor recreation for the Veteran and military communities, and onWater, the most innovative water recreation GPS navigation, mapping, and fishing app, are bringing new tools and technology to Veterans and active military service personnel in-need to help them fish and explore more confidently.

Veteran and military Project Healing Waters’ member participants will get free access to onWater’s exciting technology. With local programs and participants across the country and with onWater’s growing list of waterbodies, this partnership makes it easy, safe and enjoyable to explore local fisheries or plan extended trips.

“Serving those who have sacrificed so much so that the rest of us can enjoy the beauty and abundance of gifts this country offers us is core to our belief system here at onWater,” says onWater co-founder and CEO, Scott Carver. “We understand the therapeutic and healing power of fly fishing and the positive impact it can have on those service members dealing with any number of physical or emotional issues. By providing the onWater app, we encourage them to fish and explore with confidence. We owe so much to these men and women, and we are proud to partner with Project Healing Waters by supporting their mission to ‘heal those who serve.’ “

onWater provides detailed information on thousands of miles of rivers, creeks and shorelines across the United States. Satellite imagery provides GPS-specific points of interest and public vs. private property boundaries along river corridors. Using a mobile device, users can track their current location and movement, calculate distances in river miles to any point of interest including access points, boat ramps, campgrounds, river hazards, rapids, fly shops and more. A fully integrated photo and journal feature also allows users to use GPS-specific data to record and relive their adventures.

“Our partnership with onWater is an incredibly exciting one that is going to truly benefit our participants,” says Project Healing Waters CEO John Langford. “While what Scott and his team have created is intuitive and cutting-edge, it’s their genuine commitment to helping serve our participants through this technology that is so meaningful. The onWater app will help our participants increase their confidence in all aspects of fly fishing so they can spend more time on the water with each other along their healing journey. Our participants can then focus on developing camaraderie while in the restorative context of nature, a pillar of the therapeutic outdoor recreation at the heart of our mission. I’m deeply grateful to Scott for his generosity in providing this technology to our participants and we look forward to a strong and beneficial partnership.”

Project Healing Waters brings a high-quality, full-spectrum fly fishing experience to an ever-expanding number of Veterans and active military service personnel, specifically supporting the healing journey of those in need. With dynamic leadership at the local, regional, and national levels, Project Healing Waters uses their resources to contribute wherever the need is greatest: the PHW community uplifts and connects Veterans, volunteers, and donors for maximum impact.

To qualify for free access to onWater, Veterans must be an active member of Project Healing Waters. Current members can contact their program lead to learn more. Non-members can easily join Project Healing Waters or check their membership status at

About Project Healing Waters

Project Healing Waters is a national nonprofit organization serving the Veteran and military communities, and specifically supporting the healing journey of those in need. PHW is a leading nonprofit in the area of therapeutic outdoor recreation, using the sport of fly fishing as an intervention. The restorative powers of nature and the outdoors are well documented, and for our Veteran and military participants, the connectedness, camaraderie, and community found in our Programs directly correlates to an increased sense of belonging, resilience, and post traumatic growth. As we embark on the next chapter of our organization’s trajectory, we are taking a more deliberate approach to focus on the conservation and restoration of the natural resources we rely upon for our Programs’ impact on our participants. The opportunity to restore our aquatic resources that are so critical to our therapeutic outdoor recreation activities resonates with those who participate in PHW Programs.

For more information on PHW, visit or contact a local program here.

About onWater

As an outdoor recreation technology provider revolutionizing the way anglers plan, track, record and relive their fishing adventures, onWater is rooted in adventure. Co-Founder and CEO Scott Carver has over three decades of experience in the fishing and technology industries. The onWater app for fishing is proving to be a unifier in the fishing industry while allowing anglers to confidently explore and discover unique angling opportunities. By contributing a portion of revenue to impact partners, supporting local conservation and advocacy campaigns, and promoting responsible recreation practices within the community, onWater is committed to giving back to the people and places that make angling special and sustainable.

To learn more about onWater, subscribe and download by visiting, email the company at [email protected] or call 720.316.4257.


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