Harassed on a Utah River? Fill out a Confrontation Report on USAC’s Website!!

Landowner Confrontation Reports are Live on USAC’s Website
As many of you know, the recent decision from the Utah Supreme Court ended USAC’s constitutional challenge of the Public Waters Access Act. While we are disappointed with the outcome in this case, we are actively organizing to determine confrontation “hot spots” in consideration of potential further actions by the Coalition. The specific rivers USAC would like to receive reports on, include the following:
  • Weber River (Echo Reservoir to Ogden)
  • Provo River (National Forest boundary to Provo)
  • Ogden River (Causey Reservoir/South Fork to Ogden)
  • Logan River (Utah/Idaho State Line to Bear River)
  • Blacksmith Fork River (Hardware Ranch to Logan River)
  • Little Bear River (Porcupine Reservoir to Bear River)
  • Upper Bear River (Headwaters to Wyoming state line, all forks)
  • Blacks Fork River(Headwaters to Wyoming state line, all forks)
  • Sevier River (Tropic Reservoir/East Fork or Asay Cr/Main Stem to Salina)
These rivers have been chosen due to USAC finding evidence of navigability, however, the State has not designated them as navigable which leaves them in limbo.
What You Can Do to Help
A critical component of USAC’s strategy moving forward is information from members (and anyone else recreating on these waters) regarding confrontations with landowners. Enter USAC’s Confrontation Report. USAC is seeking information including face-to-face encounters with landowners or their representatives, signs that attempt to limit your use of the river or threaten you with prosecution for using the river, and/or information related to a person being cited for trespass on any of the above-referenced waters.
USAC is not interested in disputes over the use of surrounding property outside the streambed (i.e., above the ordinary high-water mark). When dealing with hostile landowners, remain civil at all times but insist on getting the information needed to fill out the report. It’s your right to get this information.
So if you are confronted by a landowner on one of these rivers, take a minute to gather as much information as you can and submit it via the Confrontation Report link on USAC’s website. A representative from USAC may reach out to you to get additional information.
Stay tuned for more information. Thank you, as always, for your continued support.


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