Federal Judge Rules Four Public Land hunters did not trespass when they “corner crossed”.


From BHA:

A win by the people…for the people.

Late last week, a federal judge in Wyoming ruled that four public land hunters from Missouri did not trespass when they “corner crossed” from one public parcel to another, and that’s a win for all of us.

Wyoming BHA’s work on this case has been exemplary, and I just want to really hammer in on that point. Without our members and volunteer leaders in this state doing so much amazing work fundraising, working at the legislature, and building a strong movement to protect public access and fight against the greed of a few for the rights of the many, we wouldn’t be in this situation right now.

Back in 2021, after news broke of the attempt by a wealthy landowner to bring charges against these DIY public land elk hunters, BHA’s Wyoming chapter launched a legal defense fund whereby hundreds of BHA members and supporters contributed more than $140,000 to ensure these hunters received a fair chance in court. Through this campaign, along with pro bono legal work led by California BHA volunteer Eric Hanson, we have stood up to defend the legal rights of public land hunters and anglers everywhere.

Read our frequently asked questions page for more details on the judge’s ruling.

But our work on this issue is far from done. Here’s a few small ways you can help.

We may not have hundreds of millions of dollars like the induvial who brought forward the civil case, but we have you…the PEOPLE! Sharing your time, talent and treasure with BHA is what makes this organization go, and what keeps public lands in public hands.

Onward and upward,

Land Tawney

BHA President & CEO


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