Anglers All Fly Shop in Littleton Opens New Boathouse


From Anglers All:

Solar-Powered Building and Showroom For Non-Motorized Fishing Watercraft

Anglers All fly shop recently announced the opening of The Boathouse, a new showroom facility for non-motorized watercraft and accessories, geared toward fishing enthusiasts.

The Boathouse is a new building on the existing Anglers All campus, designed to display boats, rafts, float tubes, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards and boating and fishing equipment.

“Anglers All has been a part of the Front Range community in Littleton for 69 years,” said owner, Chris Keeley. “Throughout that time, the shop has continued to expand and improve. Now, our expert crew is thrilled to open a unique space for boaters and anglers.”

The Boathouse introduces customers to a new kind of retail experience. Rafts and other angling-specific watercraft are often available only by special order, as very few retailers have the space to display or keep inventory. The Boathouse provides customers with a hands-on look at these products and the ability to make purchases on the spot.

Visitors to the new Boathouse will be able to find watercraft products from companies like NRS, Outcast and Boulder Boat Works. Additional fishing and boating accessories will be available from brands like Fishpond, Astral, Twelve Weight, Lava Box, Down River Equipment, Cataract, Trout Maps and Orca Coolers.

“In addition to providing customers with a way to see these items in person, The Boathouse is a part of our ongoing effort to reduce the environmental footprint of the business,” Keeley added. “The new high-efficiency building will be solar-powered and totally self-sufficient.”

The new building was designed with a single-pitch, south-facing roof for optimum solar performance. New Rivian charging stations have already been installed in the parking lot. Eventually, enough solar energy will be produced to power The Boathouse and the new electric vehicle charging stations, as well as providing excess power to the main fly shop building next door.

“While our primary goal is to provide great customer service, expert advice and the best products, we have also worked hard to prove that you can be profitable in the retail business and still have a small environmental footprint,” Keeley said.

The boathouse is now open for business on the Anglers All campus at 5211 South Santa Fe Drive in Littleton.




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