New For Spring 23’: RIO’s Elite Smallmouth Bass


From RIO Products:

RIO Products has announced an upgraded smallmouth bass line. Our new Elite Smallmouth Bass line is designed specifically for targeting bronzebacks both on lakes and in the stream. To have an effective tool that meets the needs of bass anglers around the world, you need to deliver 2 things—accuracy and the ability to turn over weighted or wind resistant bugs. The front taper was designed to turn over heavily weighted flies like Clousers or push a wind resistant popper through the air with ease. A long handling section allows the caster to deliver the fly tight to structure like root balls, reeds, boulders, or in the feeding lane on open water. Most importantly, the line is built with a coating that stays slick in typical summer heat but remains easy to straighten when the temperatures dips in the spring and fall.

“Our latest iteration of the Smallmouth Bass line fishes better in a wider range of conditions thanks to a new coating formulation which splits the difference between supple lines typical of trout fishing and stiffer ones used in tropical temperatures. Now the smallmouth angler can expect optimum performance from early spring through peak summer and late into the fall.” -R&D Manager Chris Walker

From warmwater rivers like the Delaware in the East to Lake St. Clair in the Midwest, the Elite Smallmouth Bass line was built to deliver the eats you’ve been dreaming about.


  • DirectCore – Low stretch, lies straight on the water, and won’t wilt in the heat
  • SlickCast – Exceptionally slick finish, and a super tough coating to keep you on the water


  • SureFire – A tri-color measuring system for accuracy and distance control
  • EasyID – Printed line marking system allows anglers to easily identify line
  • Front & Back Welded Loop

Line Sizes:


MSRP: $99.99

About RIO:

In 1990, Jim and Kitty Vincent founded RIO in the mountains of Idaho on the idea that exceptional fly fishing products should be built by anglers for anglers. More than twenty five years later, we’re still in Idaho and driven by that same ethos. Most of us here are passionate fly fishing anglers, wading all day in cold, clear Idaho trout streams, lighting delicate dries and heaving huge streamers – hooking, (losing), landing, turning loose fish after fish… We won’t even mention the horror of having to battle tarpon after bonefish after permit in the balmy turquoise tropics, or braving the wrath of angry chrome in BC.



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