Congratulations to Walt Gasson!

Most of you know Walt Gasson, who for the past 12 years or so has directed the “TU Business” program for Trout Unlimited. Walt tried to retire at the end of last year, and TU wouldn’t let him because it didn’t know how to get along without him. But this time—as of March 31—it’ll be for real. Walt will retire. Since Walt is based in Laramie, Wyoming, the trout in that part of the country are in for some battles this season.
We at Angling Trade have known many, many fine people in the fly-fishing business community over the years, and nobody is more universally respected than Walt Gasson. We want to say well done… thank you pard… Godspeed and keep in touch.  This industry loves you too much to let you get too far off the radar.
Congratulations are also in order for Zack Dingus, whom some of you know as the chief buyer of product for TU’s campaigns (life membership rods, etc.).  Zack will be stepping into Walt’s very large boots and will serve as TU’s liaison with fly fishing businesses, starting in a couple months. If you don’t know Zack already, please welcome him and re-up your TU Business membership.

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