Accessorizing Anglers Since 1992


Angler’s Accessories is a fly fishing manufacturer, wholesaler, and distributor for independent fly shops worldwide and has been providing independent stores and fly shops with the tools and accessories every angler needs on the water for thirty years.

Below is a list of brands we currently distribute along side our entire line of Angler’s Accessories branded products. This year we’ve updated our logo and packaging which is reflected here.

Gink, Loon Products, CorQs, Smith Creek, Boomerang, Thingamabobber, Sportmans Bumper, Mountain River Lanyards, Millstream Foam, Sierra Stream & Mountain, Palsa, Bosstin, Mucilin

* Dealers can now place both Fill-In and Pre-Season orders on our new ordering portal.

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Angler’s Accessories is also the exclusive US distributor for Mucilin Products and is the owner of 3 sister companies. Mountain River Lanyards, Millstream Foam and Angling Designs.

Contact: Sam Sherman
[email protected]


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