Angling Trade E-Survey: How do you really feel about “grip-n-grin” fish photos?












How do you really feel about “grip-n-grin” fish photos?

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  1. Don’t mind the pictures as long as they are quick and fish are treated correctly. The issue I have is the whole long arming average fish to look bigger. I know I am old , that has become one of my pet peeves. I am not alone a few if the guys at the shop feel the same.

  2. Mike Storms on

    Just take your pic in the net in the water. And I couldn’t give a crap about Instagram or any of this social media BS. Just be a responsible angler and enjoy your time on the water, at the rate we are going it could all be gone soon !

  3. Over the years i have watched the way people and clients handle fish and there is no regard to the fish’s ability to live through the catch and release.
    Someone wrote a while back that hooking a fish and fighting them to the net puts the fish’s life in danger
    It is like the fish has run a marathon and then we hold them out of the water to take a Picture, they are out of breath just like a human, but they have a problem with lactic acid
    Too much to explain here

  4. I think it’s between the first two choices … A proper quick grip and grin needs 2 participants. A guy holding the fish and another snapping the picture . If your by yourself, netting the fish , leaving it in the net while you set up a tripod then make sure your in view , your a fuckin joke and don’t care about the fish , get lost

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