Grand Opening – Skwala Lounge


From Skwala:

We don’t spend all our time fly fishing and building exceptional fly fishing gear, sometimes we read books about fly fishing, watch fly fishing films, tie flies, or have pointless arguments about fly fishing minutia. We pitch in with folks doing necessary work to maintain the places that allow us to fly fish: clean, healthy,publicly-accessible waters. Skwala Lounge gives us a place to convene all those fly fishing adjacencies—a nice little speakeasy just for us, the ones who get it. Kick back, have a beverage, and poke around.

Okay, we know you’re still sitting on your couch in sweatpants staring at your computer or phone, BUT sometimes that’s a good place to be. We’re bringing the conversation to you, and already kicked things off with a lively debate about the greatest fly fishing films ever made. There’s so much more to come at the Skwala Lounge, and who knows, if things go well, maybe we’ll build a real Skwala lounge where we can gather in person and think about how much we miss our couches.


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