Umpqua Launches New Products


From Umpqua:

Umpqua is excited to be able to launch a new-to-market Pink Deceiver HD Big Game Fluorocarbon, the new Ceramic EVO Bobbin from Tiemco in four styles, and Five new models of our X-Series Barbless Dry Fly Hooks. These products are perfectly timed to deliver during the peak season for both fly tying and saltwater destination travel. Great product at the right time and the right prices.

A new-to-market Pink Deceiver HD Big Game Fluorocarbon

Umpqua’s new Deceiver HD Pink Big Game Fluorocarbon Tippet offers all the advantages of a premium fluorocarbon but goes a step beyond when it comes to sub surface invisibility. Red is the first color in the water column to disappear and pink is the lightest shade of red making it fall out the quickest.

In addition, when standard fluorocarbon gets abraded or nicked the defect illuminates clearly underwater, the unique pink additive greatly reduces this problem adding to the invisibility.

When presentation is paramount and you need to have the edge, think pink, with Umpqua’s all new Pink Big Game Fluorocarbon.

Tippet available in 8lb- 40lb

SRP – starting at $14.99

Tiemco Ceramic EVO Bobbin

The simplest and easiest operation available in a premium bobbin.

After decades as the first and best ceramic bobbins on the market, Tiemco has applied improved designs and materials to make a great bobbin even better. The EVO has more rigid arms and upgraded hubs that reduce start-up inertia and enhance smooth rotation. These new features, combined with the highest grade ceramic tubes on the market, result less thread breakage and the simplest and easiest operation available. Available in Straight and Bent, Standard tube (white) and Heavy Duty (black).

Made in Japan

SRP – $45.99-$47.99

Five new models of our X-Series Barbless Dry Fly Hooks

Umpqua’s innovative collection X-Series hooks continues to bring to market hooks that are in sync with current trends in fly tying. The X-Series hooks fill a niche in the market and are purpose built. The new collection of five models of dry fly hook are no different.

Umpqua Signature Tyer Charlie Craven’s take on the new collection of X-Series Dry Fly Hooks, “Finally, classic hook designs in a more modern, true barbless format!  These new X-Series dry fly hooks are sticky sharp, come in a range of shank lengths and are perfect for technical dry flies. Japanese steel makes them strong enough to hold up well with modern tippets.”

The new models are built out of Japanese Steel for a perfect balance of strength and fine wire.

The collection consists of:


  • Barbless, Down Eye, Straight Shank, 1XF, Wide Gape, Black Nickel
  • Standard Dry, Barbless
  • Japanese Steel


  • Barbless, Down Eye, Straight Shank, 1XF, X-Wide Gape, Black Nickel
  • X-Wide Gape Dry, Barbless
    Japanese Steel


  • Barbless, Down Eye, Straight/1X-Long Shank, 1XF, Black Nickel
  • Long Shank Dry, Barbless
    Japanese Steel


  • Barbless, Straight Eye, Straight/X-Short Shank, X-Wide Gape, Black Nickel
  • Dry/Nymph/Emerger Short Shank, Barbless
  • Japanese Steel


  • XC240BL
  • Barbless, Curved Shank, X-Wide Gape, Black Nickel
  • Dry/Nymph/Emergers Curved Shank, Barbless
    Japanese Steel

Sold in packs of 25.

SRP – $8.75


At Umpqua, we’re tied to the water. Our love of the water is the constant that binds us all together. From flies to tools, everything we do is made for the water.


The idea started back in 1972, to provide the highest quality flies from the country’s best tyers and bring them to your local fly shop to file these unique patterns into your box. Our early soulful beginnings on the N Umpqua River were built with signature patterns from anglers like Dave Whitlock, Lefty Kreh, Randall Kauff- man, Larry Dahlberg, Mike Lawson and others. Now we have grown our Family to include 240 of the most influential tyers of yesterday and today, whose flies push the envelope of creativity and success. We continue to drive innovation and carry that same inspiration from our flies – into hook design, pack innovation, fly storage and the tools we use riverside or at our desks.



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