ECHO Unveils new TROUT X Rods


From Echo:

Designed from scratch with the advanced angler in mind, ECHO Fly Fishing’s new TROUT X rods will change your game. Typically, rods are designed to excel on 30-50 foot casts. TROUT X rods ditch that “magic range” mentality with a unique curve that we call Variable Sweet Spot (VSS). This innovative approach allows expert casters to make optimal casts at any distance. Whether you’re targeting a small rainbow in a mountain stream or shooting across big open water, ECHO’s VSS technology is ready to deliver perfect casts.

“These rods are made with a flex curve that will help medium to advanced casters cover more water over more conditions than any rod we have produced in the past,” says ECHO’s Tim Rajeff.

TROUT X rods are four-piece setups with a mist green finish to help them blend into most trout environments. The snake guides are chrome plated for less friction and the stripper guides help improve line shooting. Half-wells grips and beautiful burlwood reel seats finish the look. TROUT X rods come in a variety of popular sizes for a variety of casting situations:

  • 376 TROUT X – 7’6″ 3wt
  • 484 TROUT X – 8’4″ 4wt
  • 490 TROUT X – 9’0″ 4wt
  • 590 TROUT X – 9’0″ 5wt
  • 690 TROUT X – 9’0″ 6wt

The 3wt model is built for fun on small, freestone water. It’s soft enough to load a short length of line and still powerful enough to handle gusty days. Two 4wt models provide options for chasing bigger fish on the 490 or tighter casting conditions with the 484. Our 590 5wt is an ideal, multipurpose trout rod in the most popular size for 5x and 6x tippet. Beginner anglers will grow into the TROUT X 590 with practice and advanced anglers will immediately feel at home. And yes, we have a 6wt for trout. Use it in the wind. Use it for bigger rivers and lakes. Use it for throwing big bugs. Just use it.

Learn more about the TROUT X line at HERE

About ECHO Fly Fishing
ECHO is a small group of passionate, personable fly-fisher folk based in Vancouver, Washington. For over 20 years, ECHO has been leaning on the fly-fishing pedigree of rod designer Tim Rajeff. Tim is a world champion fly caster and fly-fishing industry stalwart with a passion for creating high-quality performance fly rods. More details about ECHO, Rajeff Sports and the Trout X rod line can be found at


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