This Month’s “Auto Marketing Moronics” Award Goes To…


Toyota USA! 

You asked for it, you got it! We’re not taking shots because you’ve dressed up the 2023 4Runner to look like a ’74 AMC Gremlin. We’re pointing out that you are now the latest in a tired, oversaturated line of car companies to market a vehicle by showing it destroy a river!

Anglers don’t like that.

If you really want to market to the outdoorsy audience, how about next time actually employing some outdoorsy creative talent to make your ads?  Or you might even ask some real adventurous anglers (that’s people who fish, in case you are still confused) who own 4Runners whether they’d be obnoxious enough to drive it through a river like this.

We’ve owned several Toyota vehicles. Absolutely love them. But what you show here is not just legendarily ignorant, it’s offensive to anyone who truly cares about fishing and protecting the great outdoors.

-The Editors


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