AFFTA: USTR Accepting Public Comments on Section 301 China Tariffs



Public Comments on Section 301 China Tariffs

In this week’s AFFTA Newsletter, the United States Trade Representative (USTR) is open for Public Comments on Section 301 China Tariffs. AFFTA’s Capital Hill Advisor, Matt Mullin, shares how YOU can get involved!

On November 15, 2022, in keeping with the U.S. Office of the Trade Representative’s (USTR) ongoing review of Section 301 Tariffs, a new public comment window is now open (here); the intention of this request for public comment is to learn from domestic, affected industries about the on-the-ground impacts of 301 tariffs and use that information to determine whether to: (1) extend/amend tariffs, (2) eliminate tariffs, or (3) issue/(re)issue exclusions from tariffs. No matter which approach USTR takes, the agency’s action is separate from ongoing Congressional considerations that could supersede any administrative decision(s).

The recent public comment window is part of USTR’s “four year review” process. An October 14, 2022 announcement (here) set the stage for requests for input from domestic, affected industries. Under law, 301 tariffs are required to be reviewed every four years, and this statutory requirement is prompting recent action given that many 301 tariffs originated in 2018. Additional background information from USTR can be found (here) from USTR’s October 12, 2022 press release.

About the Portal and Public Comment Process:

USTR established the public comment process to ask detailed questions about the impact of actions on: (1) U.S. workers, (2) U.S. small business, (3) U.S. manufacturing, (4) critical supply chains, (5) U.S. technological leadership, and (6) possible tariff inversions (where additional tariffs on goods are lower than additional tariffs on inputs used to produce those goods).

To view other submitted public comments, see the docket (here).

To submit a public comment, see the form (here).


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