Some Authentic Flavors for Boat People…

Do check out the current issue of TROUT magazine, guest-edited by Tim Romano, Josh Duplechian and Walt Gasson as Kirk Deeter was out on sabbatical.  The theme of that issue is “boats” and it delivers a bit beyond the fishing and conservation scene.

And if you really love real… wooden boats… note that the 13th Annual Colorado Wooden Boat Float will be held on September 9th, 2023 on the Upper Colorado River with a 10-mile float from Pumphouse to Rancho Del Rio.  The float is followed by a riverside BBQ, happy hour, raffle and prizes for the best built boats from the trip at our Rancho Del Rio festival camp.  As the event has has grown over the past few years from a handful of boats to 28 this past year, and so have the costs of running the event.  In an effort to cover the increasing costs and benefit the Upper Colorado River Clean-Up we are holding a Holiday Raffle.  The Grand Prize is a custom engraved LavaBox from Fire Anytime with the COWBF logo, other prizes are from Down River Equipment and Stitches ‘N Stuff.

The COWBF Holiday Sweepstakes can be found here enter during the month of November for the drawing the 1st week of December.  Thanks for supporting COWBF XIII and hope to see those wooden drift boats and dories on 9/9/23.

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