Friday Thought

 We’re going to end this week with a “Friday Thought”…

An intensely deep, mind bending nugget of fly-fishing insight so supremely powerful… well, maybe not.  Let’s just call it a quick (often light) little something to chew on as you hopefully head out for a fruitful weekend of fishing.

This Friday thought:  “People absolutely love to be taught how to fish, and they completely hate being told how to fish.” -KD

Your thoughts?


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  1. This is what makes a good guide vs. bad guide or a good teacher vs. a bad teacher. Teaching is an extremely difficult thing to do well, especially with adults. Adults don’t like being told what to do. Great guide can communicate in a way that leaves the adult feeling confident, intelligent and productive instead of insecure, stupid and inadequate. I hope guides who yell at their clients read this.

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