BioLite Revamps Rechargeable Performance Headlamp Line with All-New Models


BioliteFrom BioLite

Three New BioLite Headlamps deliver more lumens, better battery life, and the perfect fit.

BioLite, an innovator in outdoor lighting and energy solutions, is excited to announce a complete refresh of their award-winning rechargeable headlamp line. BioLite is unveiling three new headlamps with more power and versatility that will replace all prior models. The new models include Headlamp 325, Headlamp 425, and Headlamp 800 PRO, that all provide outstanding lumens-per-dollar, updated functionality, and best-in-class fit at competitive price points.

BioLite Headlamps are best-known for their visually distinctive and award-winning integration of electronics into a slim, wearable headband, known as 3D SlimFit™. Originally launched in 2018, BioLite’s 3D SlimFit™ construction radically redefined comfort, mobility, and fit by offering the first zero-bounce headlamp design, and has won high praise from endurance athletes, backcountry travelers, and outdoor professionals alike.

With its latest update, BioLite developed product and firmware refinements based on years of customer-feedback. The new flagship Headlamp 425 delivers more lumens, longer runtimes, USB-C rechargeability, an updated rear battery pack with a slimmer profile and red safety light, and a reserve-battery mode. Additional user-enhancements include a glove-friendly on/off button and “Run Forever Mode,” a feature that facilitates near-infinite runtimes by utilizing power from an external battery pack.

BioLite is also proud to unveil the pro-level HeadLamp 800 PRO, focused on equipping mountain guides, search and rescue crews, and all walks of outdoor professionals. Notable new capabilities include a “Pass-Thru Plus” charging functionality, which allows a user to circumvent the headlamp battery with an external battery pack that may be kept close to the body, facilitating operation in extreme cold. Constant Mode gives users preferred control regarding how the headlamp expends battery life and lumen output.

Finally, BioLite’s minimalist HeadLamp 325 delivers 125 more lumens and 66% longer battery life at the same minimal weight as its predecessor.

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