Traction Innovation Headlines Korkers Winter 2022 Collection


From Korkers

Korkers, the award-winning outdoor footwear brand, is proud to introduce several new winter footwear styles debuting this fall.  The new Men’s and Women’s Alpine Chelsea™, Women’s NorthLake Zip™, Women’s SouthLake™, Neo Arctic™, and Neo Storm™ rubber boots highlight Korkers Fall 2022 assortment.

“When it comes to navigating winter weather, there are three critical elements that consumers require from their footwear which are keeping the foot dry, keeping the foot warm, and providing solid traction in slick conditions,” says CEO Brian Chaney.  “Generally, our competitors can keep people dry and warm, but they fall short when it comes to providing solid traction on snow and ice. Korkers proprietary OmniTrax® Interchangeable Sole System allows consumers to quickly and easily change soles to maximize grip and traction.  Our system is very similar to adding studded tires to your car during the winter, but performance soles can be changed in just a few seconds, making our boots and shoes incredibly versatile. In addition, when soles wear down over time and begin to lose their original traction performance, they can be easily replaced with no downtime extending the life of your footwear” continued Chaney.

A variety of new winter boot and shoe types featuring Korkers OmniTrax® System will debut at specialty dealers across North America starting this October.  From casual Men’s and Women’s 6-inch slip-on Chelsea styles to 8mm ultra-warm neoprene Men’s and Women’s styles, Korkers new range covers a large range of winter footwear needs.

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