Public Comment Period for the Colorado Water Plan Closes Friday – 9/30


From the Water for Colorado Coalition

It all comes down to this.

On Friday, the public comment period for the Colorado Water Plan closes — it will be another decade before the public has the opportunity to engage in updating the plan that will influence our water future. Don’t miss your chance.

Make your voice heard here.

Living in Colorado means living in a constant state of water awareness. We can’t afford not to address climate change and its impacts head on. Coloradans have the opportunity to be part of the conversation about the effects of drought and climate change on our rivers, water supplies, and the entire region that relies on water that originates as our Rocky Mountain snowpack. It’s a lot. And we know it can be overwhelming. That’s why this moment of public action and influence is so monumental.

Colorado’s water future is up to us. The recommendations we’re asking you to support will make the Water Plan stronger and more likely to succeed in its mission to secure a sustainable, resilient, equitable water future for all. In brief, if you sign our petition, you’ll be asking for the new water plan to prioritize the following:

  • Boldness
  • Accountability
  • Funding
  • Healthy rivers and streams
  • Protection for fish and wildlife
  • Equity

This is the last chance to get involved and to make a difference by taking action during this pivotal moment for our state. Thank you for supporting Water for Colorado and for helping to ensure our rivers and water meet the needs of all who rely on them.

Make your voice heard here.


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